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Dorrough Stereo


The Waves Dorrough Meter Collection (Stereo) features models of Dorrough’s most popular loudness meters: 280D/240D, 380D/340D, and 40AES/EBU. Developed in association with Dorrough Electronics, these meters provide precision loudness monitoring for all stereo audio scenarios. Whether used as input meters to attain optimal recording levels, as group/auxiliary meters to achieve optimal group loudness, or as master output meters, the Waves Dorrough meters do it all.

  • Modeled stereo meter plugin

  • Developed in association with Dorrough Electronics

  • Super-fast peak response

  • Sum and difference energies for optimal stereo-to-mono compatibility

  • Left/right phase correlation

  • Displays number of 'overs'

  • Displays relationship between peak and average levels