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Vortek Records

Conducted by a team with over 25 years of experience in electronic music and trance of every style, Vortek Records emerged at the dawn of the year 2006. By combining a range of sounds from trance to tek ,tribal, electro and porn house, Vortek always went beyond the trend of the moment.

Today, Vortek's mission is to promote artists, producers, remixers and DJs from around the globe in order to give them the means to express a range of emotions through their music and the exposure required to catapult their sound across the globe.

Vortek offers artists not only to sign and sell their music, but also professional mastering services for musical compositions in order to showcase the finest possible sound to the electronic music scene.

Ultimately, Vortek Records aim to ensure music lovers the world over have access to the sonic stimulation that gets their feet moving and their hearts racing.

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