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Rampant Records

Rampant Records was founded by Scotsman Paul Grogan in 1993. After coming to Los Angeles in '86 and discovering the 'Rave Scene' in '88, Paul became completely hooked on this new form of music.....namely House. By 1992 Paul was producing dance tracks of his own but couldn't find anyone to release them, hence....Rampant Records was born. The idea was to have an outlet for the tracks that Paul had co-produced with his friends Doran and Brownie. What started out as 'just a bit of fun' soon developed into a highly respected dance label whose releases have helped define 'The West Coast Sound'.

Rampant released their first record in 1994, a two track progressive house/funky breaks record. The record met with great success, both here in the States and in Europe. The success of the first release gave Paul the confidence to forge ahead, throwing himself head first into the business of making music.

In 1995, Paul's old friend from the early days on the 'Rave Scene', Doran, moved back from San Francisco (where he had gone to pursue a DJing career) and joined Paul to work at Rampant . Their combination of musical tastes and business savvy helped position Rampant as one of the leading breakbeat labels in America.

In their various releases they have commissioned the talents of Micro, Doc Martin, John Debo,Nebula Nine, Astal Matrix, Joshua Ryan, Deepsky, Larry Bishop, Secret Knowledge, Sweet Drop, Jeff K, DJ Brownie, Simon(SF), DJ Tony(SF), Jon Williams, John Kelley & Dallas.

After taking a 10 year break from the scene Rampant is back with Paul and friends busy creating in the studio.

Watch out for new releases in 2012.