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Automatic Records

Automatic Records are purveyors of the finest house music with many classic releases including Cass & Slides 10,000 selling Perception, the Digweed GU featured 16b remix of Electric Teases Your Lovin & massively popular remixes from Spincycle & Brancaccio & Aisher amongst others. Automatics releases reside in the record boxes of the worlds biggest DJs as this e mail received by Automatics Tom from Danny Tenaglia in September 03 testifies:

Label manager & A&R man, Glenn Mack has signed a solid roster of producers to the label including Tim Electric Tease Healey, Israeli trance maestros Private Taste & tech-house purveyors including Spincycle, Wintersun & Graham Camp. The label is also renowned for its knack for getting remixes from the hottest producers including classic mixes from 16B, Spincycle, Max Graham and Brancaccio & Aisher amongst others.

2004 looks set to be Automatics biggest & best year yet. With tracks & mixes influenced by various styles of house music they have stepped away from being known as a progressive house label but this does not mean that the label itself is not progressive as progressing is exactly what they are doing with their consistently quality 12 releases.