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Numan Productions

Nukleuz Records was set up in 1997 by Peter Pritchard to cater for the new school of dance coming from Italy and combined with new raw talent from the UK the label’s profile shot through the roof. The very first releases on the label were funky house but within a couple of years it had released its first UK hard house productions.

Nutek Ibiza

Nutek is proud to announce the opening of the new branch Nutek Ibiza ! Targeting to the main electronic genres such as Deep House, Prog House, Tech, Electro, and combinations between them. The label will be operated by the Nutek team with a dedicated A&R on the island. Our release plan will consist of local and international artists and dj's.

Noya Records

Noya Records is an Israeli electronic label founded by Moshe Keinan, member of the well known project Xerox & Illumination. Moshe is a veteran artist and seasoned producer dating back to the 80's. During this time, Xerox worked to establish himself within the electronic music scene and his lifestyle. By the 90's he owned two mega night clubs in Tel-Aviv, all whilst not stopping musical production work.

Nu Communicate Recordings

Ben Alonzi pushes on with NU Communicate. NU Communicate an independent label is set to hit the scene with some pure releases of Euphoric trance. In cooperation with A&R Management, the label is based in non other than the UK in the city of Leicester, the Midlands. Signing more and more well known high quality artists..., the label is rapidly looking at some superb releases along with it's respect and support in the worldwide Trance scene.

Nu Depth Recordings

In the late summer of 2007 nu-depth recordings was brought to the surface by label manager Danny Powers, who felt there was room for another quality trance output on the circuit. His aim was to provide trance releases with more diversity, more variety and more depth. nu-depth's target within it's releases was to push trance sounds out that contain euphoric, melodic, techno and progressive elements and generally offer something more to the electronic based DJ.

Nublu Records

If you ask Ilhan Ersahin about the magic happening at 62 Avenue C, he'll give you an enigmatic answer: "We're just playing music." The truth is, from the inside out, it's just about as simple as that. Nublu, the East Village outpost that Ilhan started in 2002, is like a little clubhouse where friends get together and just play music with each other. But, as is often the case, what seems most simple is most special.

Neuroscience Deep

The label, based in the United Kingdom, is working with some of the best new and established talent from around the world. Each of the Neuroscience label imprints have their own sound; Here, on the Neuroscience Deep imprint, you will find tracks with a deeper and more progressive vibe. The labels main styles include progressive house and progressive trance. However, don't be surprised if you also find some tech-house, or techno here too!

Neuroscience Recordings

Each of the Neuroscience label imprints have their own sound; Here, on the main Neuroscience Recordings imprint, you will find more of a big-room sound. Styles include (but aren't limited to) tech-trance, driving progressive and some uplifting trance! Going forward, expect to see a lot more artist albums and compilations here too!

NewState Music

NewState, established in London in 1995, are one of the UK’s leading independent record labels. Home to the best artists, dance music brands, compilation albums, and much more. NewState Music – the dance music specialists.

Nextgen Records

A record label devoted to bringing you the next generation of dance and electronic music.