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Progressive Psy Trance

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Zenon Records

Zenon Records was founded in 2003 by Sensient. The Zenon sound can be described as “deep and intelligent minimal/electronica with strong lashings of musicality and futuristic sound design”. The sound is distinct and has infiltrated the electronic dance music scene worldwide, with our artists representing on some of the biggest stages in the world.

Undergroove Music

These artists are waving the Undergroove banner proudly, placing Mexico on the map as the place to watch out for as far as fresh proposals, top-notch, intelligent production, passion, borderless International collaboration, and a frank love for good electronic music. And this is just the beginning. The repertoire is growing and the label is set to be a top representative of honest, down to earth and ever groovy beats for active meditation.

Spin Twist Records

When it comes to contemporary Progressive Trance, there is one particular expression frequently to be heard from DJs and party goers all around the world: Spin Twist sound. Obviously a music label of the same name succeeded in doing something only few others managed to do: Bursting the bonds of imitation, developing its very own character, and gaining international approval for doing so.


The Speedsound is a digital label that distributes music through the Internet sites specializing in digital download. There are over 300 sites including Beatport. Our catalog is open to all genres, his music has the quality we are happy to release. The Speedsound already occupies the TOP # 01 Brazil in several sites of music sales, is a constant presence in the TOP # 100 Beatport!

Solar Records

Solar Records is a Multi- Genre electronic music label with loads of home grown and international talent. We represent artists from Australia, NZ, Portugal, Sweden, Brazil and more. You can find us on Beatport, Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, bandcamp plus many other distribution portals. Solar Records aims to give artists the freedom to showcase their music to the world. We provide a medium for not only talented producers, but also DJ’s.

Solid Recordings Official

Solid Recordings is a Progressive Trance Label that belongs to Panmusic Label Group and was formed in order to discover all the new talents that will charm your soul and groove your hips to the ground. We are continuously looking for new music and projects that have the ability to deliver a “Solid Progressive” message to the Dancefloors and beyond. Stay tuned and be part of the Solid family for non stop Progressive music and groovy dance moves!

Polena Records

Born in 2004, Polena Records tries to impress music culture with its philosophy. Our first experiences were trance parties aimed to fuse show and music. Overtime we have become a sort of "experimentation lab", where to develop and carry on our musical idea. Polena Records based in Italy, intent is increasing people interest for: PROGRESSIVE, TRANCE, PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE, TECHNO and CHILL OUT music.

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