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Wezz Devall


There’s many things to come from this young production powerhouse. Intrigued by music from his early years on, Wezz found his way to trance music at the age of seventeen.

Kicking off in 2007 with a massively supported remix for a commercial trance track called ‘Jeckyll & Hyde – Frozen Flame’, it didn’t take long before his next story of success kicked in. The first production was released on the famous Klubbheads labels at record company DigiDance. Together with tech trance maestro Alex Fisher, under the alias of Wezz & Fisher, Wezz produced a series of explosive tracks, right before his big breakthrough.

That very moment hit in as soon as his ‘Free My Willy’ blast through the speakers, followed by ‘This Is Your Day’. Other releases like 'The Big Adventure' and 'Kill Of The Year' have given Wezz the kick-start he needed to race the giants of the EDM scene. His outstanding production and remix skills have made Wezz deliver his mark on the trance scene, pushing his DJ career to the next level.

Two years into his solo career he has rocked clubbers all over the world. Events like A State Of Trance (Den Bosch), Sunrise Festival (Poland), Trancefusion (Prague) and with a residency at the #28 club of the world 'Circus Afterhours' in Canada the future can only get brighter for this EDM talent.