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Welcome to the website of the producing and making music! Here you can see such topics as biography producers and djs, record labels, vst plug-ins and vsti instruments, distributors, sound modules, and more!

Biography Producers/djs page includes information about popular stars of electronic dance music!

Records Labels page has information about the most popular studios! For easily find a specific label you should use filter genres of electronic music!

Vst Plugins page contains data about the popular plug-ins of the world! Here you will find the home page where you can buy the desired plug-in! For right choice, you can watch a video about the interest vst plugin!

Vsti Instruments page includes data about the most popular Vsti intruments! You can see video of youtube with interest tools to select the most suitable sound!

Distributors page gives you opportunity to find the right distributor to release your tracks at such stores as the Beatport, Junodownload, Ituns and more!

Sound Modules page will help you to find the most common modules for creating electronic sound! Here also you can watch video about the modules and see how these set up! This page includes information about based modules such as Virus Ti, DSI Tetra, Elektron, Nord Lead, Waldorf and more!